Cookape is a website helps in gaining number of followers on any Instgram account making the account more reliable and acceptable in the world of Social media and if managed properly, also generates some business too.

Cookape works by entering the user name on its web page following the instructions and asking about the number of followers needed and once all the information is uploaded, it starts working after few moments.

Cookape and other related websites are third party apps and are not considered  as there is always risk of data leak so that the user should be opt this on his own risk.

No,Cookape and its alternatives might be phishing or scamming website that compromises your personal information to the Dark Web to perform some illegal activities.

Some famous alterantives are Instaboost, SocialGrow, BoostGram, Likehub, Instagain, Instafollower, Instapro, FlowRocket etc.