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Cookape | Get Free Instagram Followers from Cookape

Most Instagram users crave for maximum numbers of followers to increase their reach of content and get more publicity through likes, shares, comments and also looking forward to earn some money out of it. For that purpose Cookape is effective way to boost their accounts quickly. With help of Cookape, one can easily get number of followers for free and without extra effort.

What is Cookape?

Cookape is a website that offers you to increase number of followers to your Instagram accounts for Free up to some extent and you can also purchase number of genuine followers like many public figures do. If someone is willing to take his Instagram account to a newer height, then Cookape is a ideal platform to do this. It works as a third party application and assures you to provide real followers rather than the fake ones.

Cookape operates in a simpler manner and one can use it on any communicating devices like PCs, Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets etc. with android operating system. Its user interface and customer service is quite robust.

How Do I utilize Cookape?


One must follow the instructions to increase their Instagram followers by using Cookape as mentioned next.

Open any legal or reputable search engine on your mobile or other device and then type “Cookie” in to the search section.
Now click on the cookape official webpage yoy just clicking it.
A new page will load on the device screen and then click on the blue search bar in right upper corner of the page.
By using search button,type “INSTA MODA” or “PLUS MAIN” to find it.
A new page will be displayed on screen, scroll down and select the read more option.
You have to wait for few seconds as the page asked, enter the username of yours and select the locate username option.
Enter the number of followers you require or just click on the free followers section and then click the start button.
This is how one can get the real Instagram followers for free using Cookape.

What are the advantages of using Cookape ape to gain Instagram Followers?

Using Cookape ape has number of advantages, some of them are as follows-

  • An account with higher number if followers can be used for credibility and business needs as it demonstrates one’s financial potential.
  • Instagram used to be a social media platform for entertainment purposes few times back but now it can be utilized to earn money as part time or full time efforts like the credible one accounts of celebrities earns in millions by uploading endorsements of their contract to boost sales of the various brands they endorse.
  • Having someone a larger number of followers on Instagram and employing Cookape may influence many others to do the same.
  • People can get paid by INSTAGRAM for having a lot of followers to their accounts.

Is it Safe to use Cookape to gain Instagram Followers?

According to Cookape sources,They are the one of the most incredible resources to grow Instagram followers but this is not completely safe and secure though it’s a decent portal. Users should use Cookape and other websites at their own risks as it may lead  to their personal data leak or threat to the device.

Is it legal to use Cookape to gain Instagram Followers?

Buying Instagram Followers is not illegal at all as no government body has made any law against it. Thus using a third party programme like Cookape to gain Instagram followers is not illegal or unlawful. Many influencers and users have used the fact that Instagram does not penalize for utilizing fake followers to grow their platforms. To grow their followers, one may use several other platforms like Cookape.

Some alternatives to Cookape

  • Instaboost
  • Social Grow
  • BoostGram
  • Likehub
  • Instagain
  • Instafollower
  • Instapro
  • FlowRocket
  • Likewiz etc.

Some important Tips to fully utilize the Cookape

  • Cookape needs some sincere efforts and commitment of yours to work on its full potential and the final result is more worthy.
  • Keep tabs on your engagement rates to know the actual status of your posts.
  • Engage with influencers who are compatible to your interest or expertise, collaborates with them, resulting in higher viewership about your product or campaign whatever it is to a larger section of audience.
  • Keep experimenting on your content to know about the interests of audience you serve to determine what attracts your audience most on your account and keep improving on that.
  • Improve the timeliness of your posts by figuring out when to publish your content material to gain maximum attention, viewerships or interests by utilizing Cookape’s capabilities to assist you properly in examining the behavior and activity patterns of the audience.
  • Watch how your Hashtags are working by tracking their performances and analyze which hashtag brings you the maximum attention.


Cookape is a reliable, safe, easier yet efficient service to increase the number of real followers of any instagram user. The website offers many features and qualities to its customers or visitors and it works spontaneously once the user can enter his requirements . It may also be regarded as Lawful under many aspects but risk of personal data leak is always there with Cookape or other related websites.